Megan Robertson
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Hello there! I'm Megan Siobhan (shuh-vahn) Robertson.

I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. I wear a lot of hats, including management of social media platforms and strategy, content creation, branding, blogging, hand lettering, writing children's books, amateur juggling, and whatever else comes my way.

I love portmanteaus, dogs, crosswords, and my mini trampoline. I also have an unadulterated passion for fun facts. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The gender neutral collective term for nieces and nephews is "niblings."
  • It's "brussels sprouts" (with an s at the end of brussels), not "brussel sprouts." That one isn't very fun, but I still like to spread the word.
  • Astronauts use liquid salt and pepper in space.

In lieu of smoke signals: Send me your favorite fun facts (and any other vital information).