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Chillin' Like An Ashevillain

I recently took my first solo trip for a long weekend in Asheville. I binge listened to Homecoming, a really well executed piece of modern radio theater (feat. voice acting by Oscar Isaac, who is pure gold even through audio alone).

Tanbark Ridge Overlook

You can also see versions of this photo on the Instagram feeds of thousands of Asheville high schoolers.

There's something singularly therapeutic about driving through the mountains. And driving in general, with or without aim. My (lost) drives between West Asheville and downtown took me past beautiful graffiti, where I battled selfie-ing youths for photography territory (and won).

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Unfortunately, the "cocktails & Indian food" place (Chai Pani) was closed when I took this. But good food abounded. Despite best intentions, I did procure one meal from a friendly neighborhood Taco Bell. Sometimes you need really mediocre tacos to balance out all the really good food you're eating. For perspective.

I did finally make it to the French Broad Chocolate Shop - I don't know if it fully qualifies as "touristy," but it's definitely one of the first things the Internet will tell you to do in Asheville, for good reason. I also stopped at Asheville Sandwich Company, whose sandwiches are so good I picked up a loyalty punch card in the hopes of someday eating ten more of their sandwiches (especially the free one at the end). I took my sandwich on a drive up to the Tanbark Ridge Overlook, which has the kind of view that's so beautiful you get mad that you can't look at it every day.

That's where I snagged these long exposures. It was gorgeous up there, but also - being alone in the middle of the mountains in the pitch black of night was low-key...terrifying? I at least had my sandwich to comfort me. I'm at my most unstoppable when eating a sandwich with French fries on it.

On the drive home, I stopped in Franklin, North Carolina and had one of the best Habitat ReStore experiences of my life. I also stopped at Lazy Hiker Brewery and grabbed a growler for my dad. Franklin is a darn little gem of a town.