Megan Robertson
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New York.

When I came back from New York, people asked me how it was, and I would tell them, "Loud, dirty, and overwhelming." And I stand by that. But it was also fun!

I made the trek for a shared birthday weekend with my friend Lizzy, who steals the heart of everyone she meets. (My whole family, including me, wants to adopt her.) Our birthdays are two days apart, we're both ENFJs (and both formerly INFJs), and we share a weirdly intense love for Stranger Things. Several times throughout this trip we would hold hands and send up a prayer that we'd run into cast members. (It went: "Joe Keery. Winona Ryder. Millie Bobby Brown..." and so on.) (It didn't work.)

It was an insane whirlwind of activities, including the Met (we each made the minimum donation of $1 because we are scrubs), the Brooklyn Art Museum, a brief tour of some art galleries in Chelsea (with the LA Invitational at the Gagosian as my hands-down favorite, some of which is pictured above), a pizza place called Sizzle Pie that came in clutch when we desperately needed food... the list goes on. We took naps in Central Park between activities. Essentially, New York punched us in the faces, but in a good way. We saw a woman wearing a coat that appeared to be made of astroturf. My horizons were expanded.

We stayed in Williamsburg (delightful) and visited Barcade (not delightful - overcrowded and not enough seating - yeah yeah I get it you're supposed to be playing games but I wanted to be able to hear my friends talk, is that TOO MUCH TO ASK) and Huckleberry Bar (very delightful). The New York Marathon happened to be on the Sunday we were there, and we watched some of it from the window of Frankel's while gorging on bagels against which all other bagels will be measured for the rest of my life. (Also, their fries are so? good?)

I could never live in New York, and I know I'm a little too harsh; that said, "loud, dirty, and overwhelming" will never not be true about that city. Autumn in New York is a beautiful thing, though, to such an extent that even though I made eye contact with a squirrel carrying another LIVE squirrel in its mouth (rescue mission? squirrel cannibalism??), I'd go back for round two next year. (Cue the "pictures of leaves" portion of this program.)