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2017 by the numbers

2017, the year of our Lord. (The year that I finally got curious, Googled, and learned that "the year of our Lord" is an appropriate addendum to any year that's happened after the birth of Christ. So, applicable to most of the events that I typically talk about.)

Age: 23 - 24
Residences: 2
Total number of roommates: 5 (four over the course of my first residence, one after my move)
Major life events: 3 (by my count - it depends on what you qualify as a “major life event”)
Times I cried (that I can remember): 5 (didn't rewatch Interstellar as much this year)
Jobs: 1

From the front porch of my old apartment

Bess, my old roommate, on a snow day

Doctor/dentist visits: 4
Trips by plane: 4
Trips by car: 2

New York City (by plane)

Los Angeles (by plane)

Dallas (by plane)

Asheville (by car)

Hiawassee (by car)

Instagram posts: 104
Instagram followers: 628
Facebook friends: 754
New Facebook friends: 30
Month with most new Facebook friends: January (new year, new friends?)
Parties I attended (estimate): 21
Photos in my 2016 Lightroom catalog: 10,206 (which only includes my personal Lightroom catalog, not work)

Blurry photo of a photo of one of my favorite parties of the year

 Crisp photo from another of my favorite parties (more brunch parties in 2018!)

Crisp photo from another of my favorite parties (more brunch parties in 2018!)

Frisbee games I played: 6
Frisbee games my team won (out of 7 total): 2
Approximate miles I ran (outside of frisbee): 316 (a flawed estimate, since I started using my current fitness tracker around March, so January - February are a mystery)
Half marathons I ran: 1
5Ks I ran: 1
10Ks I signed up for and then willingly slept through: 1

What a year. What a year! And that's not even to mention the neverending dumpster fire that is the state of the world. (At least we have Beyonce's twins.) I know very little about what 2018 holds for me, but I do know that I'll be taking a trip down the West coast, I'm planning to finally get a dog, and I'm finally installing curtains in my room so my light-sensitive self can sleep in on the weekends.

2018. Year of not involuntarily waking up at 9 no matter how badly I want to stay asleep. It's gonna be a good one.