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the stuff of life (recent recipes)

Like (I assume) most people, I have secret dreams of becoming a world-renowned wellness food blogger. I'm embarking on my pursuit of this dream by doing almost everything my favorite bloggers tell me to do. Case in point: I recently used my hard-earned money to buy ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic adaptogen that I think is supposed to make you live forever. Or at least make your mortal life a little more enjoyable. (I didn't read the fine print.) So far, I've consumed approximately one teaspoon of it, and I feel pretty good, but that could also be attributed to the six varieties of grilled cheese I ate on Wednesday. Who's to say.

Anyway. All of this is to say, these are some recipes I've been making lately! Please note, while I am enamored with wellness-centric food bloggers, I'm a born-and-raised bread fanatic, as is probably apparent from the fact that I ate six varieties of grilled cheese on Wednesday. (Everything in moderation, which to me means eaten a loaf at a time.)

Overnight Oats + Miso-Braised Kale + Other Good Things

Millennia from now, when aliens are trying to decide whether humans were more good or more bad, they'll look at this recipe and feel slightly bolstered. This recipe sounds (and tastes) stupid fancy, but Bon Appetit guides you through meal-prepping so the night before, you just have to throw some oats and milk in a jar and everything else will be ready to assemble in the morning. (I, for one, didn't know you could prepare soft boiled eggs so ahead of time.)

The kale is somewhat high maintenance in its ingredients. I do keep miso in my arsenal, though, and I faked mirin with rice vinegar and a little bit of sugar, and I've never tasted kale so good. It's worth it.

Compile everything with some Sriracha and black pepper, and you'll feel way less like a minion of corporate society when you wake up to go to work.

Coconut Oil Biscuits with Raspberry-Amaretto Jam

Baby's first homemade biscuits! Wasn't there a recent wave of headlines about how coconut oil really isn't good for you? Maybe that was just in terms of skincare. I could easily Google this, but I don't want to, because these biscuits were so good I need to maintain plausible deniability re: health impact. They're best consumed while fresh af; after a few hours, the texture took heavy losses. But if you do have leftovers, you can drape a wet paper towel over one, nuke it for ~45 seconds, and be left with something very passable indeed.

Whipping up jam on a Sunday morning isn't really in my wheelhouse, but I recently tasted this stuff, became obsessed, and knew I'd spend all of my disposable income on jam if I didn't make my own. I used the linked recipe as a foundation on which to freestyle. I've been experimenting with monkfruit sweetener (another wellness food blog find -  one I'm 100% on board with), and it performed beautifully in this recipe. I also used frozen raspberries, and didn't cook it nearly as long as recommended - you can see it's a bit watery. But it was still mind blowing, and atop fresh biscuits, tasted like heaven.

Fact I found fun but is more accurately described as "not entirely boring": jam is made with the whole fruit, jelly is made with just the juice.

Black Bean Dip and Miso-Jalapeno Tahini

Dips and sauces just aren't inherently beautiful, so I don't have pictures. But I have been putting this shit on everything. The black bean dip is excellent for roasted veggies, and the miso-jalapeno tahini has been coming in clutch on tacos. The black bean dip in particular is super easy, and a great way to make a boring can of black beans taste fancy and interesting with spices that you probably already have. If not, just improvise - this would probably be really good with a spicy element. Next time I'm gonna throw in some jalapeno.

The tahini sauce is only part of a larger recipe - I'm sure the whole thing is excellent, but I typically just freestyle my bowls (don't boss me around!), so I really only paid attention to the sauce (as ya do). Miso is one of those ingredients where I was reluctant to invest, but was so glad once I did. It lasts a long time, too. (And - see above - it has a hand in making the best kale I've ever tasted.)

Grilled Cheese!

Happy Valentine's Day to meee! My boo thang (boyfriend? beau? partner? I'm still test driving terms) and I went hard on a grilled cheese feast for the occasion, and took the opportunity to test out a bunch of different cheese/topping combinations. In the bottom-right you can see our list of combos and resulting rankings. We both picked mascarpone-pistachio-jalapeno-pesto grilled cheese as the winner, do you beat that. Also good: sauteed mushrooms and gouda. And also pictured here are Earl Grey shortbread cookies - another recipe best consumed fresh out of the oven. Or better yet, in cookie dough form.

And yes. We made a lot of cheesy jokes.

Sourdough Buns

If you know me or my family at all, you know we're on a quest to make excellent homemade East Coast sourdough. My grandpa is the best at this (age begets wisdom, I'm told). I nabbed some of his sourdough starter via my dad, and went all out on the day of the Super Bowl. I actually had friends over and called it the Bread Bowl. We didn't watch a second of the game, but we did watch the entire 11 minutes of Kylie Jenner's I-was-pregnant-all-along video.

These sourdough buns were my favorite creation of the day. They're an ideal way to use sourdough starter discard (which, to me, always feels so wasteful), and while they don't get much color and kind of look raw even when they're done, they taste so good it doesn't matter in the slightest.

Best consumed while watching a reality TV star's brilliant, evil plan come to fruition. Or sports, whatever does it for you.

Moon Milk

Last but not least - Healthyish put me onto this magic potion. As they put it, "This drink basically tucks you in, reads you a story, and turns off the lights" - the very sentence that convinced me to invest in a tub of a mysterious Ayurvedic adaptogen. They were putting it strongly, but this stuff is really good. My only tweak is to add honey to taste - they recommend one teaspoon, and I needed it to be a smidge sweeter.