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Small Data: 2016 by the Numbers

In my family, if you claim you can taste the difference between generic cranberry juice and Ocean Spray, you’ll immediately find yourself the subject of a double blind study. (That actually happened; we did not disprove our hypothesis of “that’s bullshit.”) We’re what happens when extremely right-brained and extremely left-brained people cohabitate. I'm on the right-brained end of the spectrum, but I grew up trusting data and generic cranberry juice.

So I'm looking back at this past year in all the numbers I could scrape together, remember, or estimate:

Age: 22 - 23
Residences: 4 (in four different cities)

Athens, Georgia (six months)

New York City (one month)

Roswell, Georgia (three months)

Atlanta, Georgia (two months)

Total number of roommates: 8 (3, 1, 2, and 2)
Major life events: 5
Number of times I cried: 10 (at least once while watching Interstellar)
Number of jobs: 2
Number of doctor/dentist visits: 4
Number of trips by plane: 4
Number of trips by car: 5

 Denver, Colorado (by plane)

Denver, Colorado (by plane)

Asheville, North Carolina (by car)

Number of Instagram posts: 99
Number of Instagram followers: 479 (not sure how many I started with in January)
Number of Facebook friends: 724
Number of new Facebook friends: 86
Month with most new Facebook friends: February
Number of parties I attended (estimate): 18
Number of photos in my 2016 Lightroom catalog: 13,540

My favorite party of the eighteen I attended

One of my favorite photos of the 13,540 I took